Q: In respect of Capital Gains under the Income-tax Act,1961 one is not liable to Income-tax if he reinvests in specified assets or if he has capital loss in other assets. Is there any procedure to ensure no deduction of tax from Capital Gains in such a situation.? +

Q. What is Wealth Tax? +

Q. What is Net Wealth ? +

Q. How assets should be valued? +

Q. When wealth tax shall be charged? +

Q. Who is liable to pay wealth tax? +

Q. Who is not liable to wealth tax on net wealth? +

Q. What is rate of wealth tax? +

Q. What is the exemption limit of net wealth chargeable to wealth tax? +

Q. Which assets are chargeable to wealth tax under Wealth Tax Act? +

Q. Which assets are not chargeable to wealth tax under Wealth Tax Act? +

Q. Is there any exemption of self-occupied house under Wealth Tax Act? +

Q. Under which circumstances assets and debts located outside India are not to be included in the wealth of the assessee? +

Q. Is there any benefit for an individual being a citizen of India or a person of Indian Origin, who is residing in a foreign country and returning to India (i.e. benefits for Returning NRIs)? +

Q. Whether Trust is liable to pay wealth tax? +

Q: What is Income Tax? +

Q: What do you mean by income earned in India? +

Q: Who is supposed to pay Income Tax? +

Q: Is Income tax Act applicable only to residents? +

Q: Who is a resident? +

Q: How is resident/ non-resident status relevant for levy of income tax? +

Q: What does the Income Tax Department consider as income? +

Q: Are all receipts considered as income? +

Q: I own shares of various Indian companies and receive dividends. Is it taxable? +

Q: Do I have to maintain any records or proof of earnings? +

Q: When do I have to pay the taxes on my income? +

Q: What is the procedure to be followed to view my Tax passbook/Tax statement? +

Q: What should I do if my tax payment particulars are not found against my name in your website? +

Q: What can I do to reduce my tax? +

Q: What is a return of income? +

Q: I am going out of India. Who will file my income tax return for this period? +

Q: What are the due dates for filing returns of income/loss? +

Q: What are the benefits of obtaining a Permanent Account Number [PAN] and PAN Card? +

Q: I have lost my PAN card but remember my number. Do I necessarily need to get a fresh card? +

Q: I have been allotted two PANs. Which number should I use? +

Q: If I do not surrender the additional PAN number, is there any problem? +

Q: By mistake I have been using different PANs for different purpose like one for my demat account and another for filing my Income Tax return and payment of taxes. How do I set this right? +

Q: Is it mandatory to file return of income after getting PAN? +

Q. What is the role of RBI in relation to FEMA? +

Q. Who is Person Resident In India and Person Resident Outside India? +

Q. What is Current Account Transaction and Capital Account Transaction? +

Q: Who is Non-Resident Indian (NRI)? Who is Person of Indian Origin (PIO)? +

Q. What are the types of bank account that NRI/PIOs can open in India? What are the transactions permitted? +

Q. What are the restrictions to repatriation of sale proceeds of residential property purchased by NRIs / PIO out of foreign exchange? +

Q: Can NRIs/PIOs credit the current income to their Non-Resident (External) Rupee account? +

Q. Are Authorised Dealer banks permitted to issue International Credit Cards to NRIs/PIO? +

Q: What is the impact of change of resident status of the NRE account, FCNR(B) account and NRO account holder? +

Q. Can an individual resident Indian borrow money from his close relatives NRI/PIO? +

Q. Can an individual resident lend money to his close relative NRI / PIO? +

Q: Can an individual resident repay loans of close relative NRIs to banks in India? +

Q. What does an FDI mean? +

Q: What are the other benefits under FEMA/RBI Regulations for NRI or PIO? +

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