Election 2014 – Shri Narendra Modi Led BJP Win – Certain Relevant Facts & News – A Big Congratulation from NRI Tax Service

  • Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi led BJP Party has thundered to victory on May 16, 2014 in India Loksabha Election, trouncing the ruling Nehru-Gandhi dynasty in a seismic political shift that gives him and his party a mandate for sweeping economic reform.
  • After 30 years, first time any single party has attained clear majority in LS Election i.e. 283 seats by BJP (out of 543 seats).
  • Results show that country voted against the sitting govt (i.e. UPA). Congress party has done its worst performance ever, and could not score even to get the status of Leader of Opposite Party (i.e. 10% seats). Out of 48 Ministers, only 3 could save their seats.
  • Born in a family of grocers, 63 year old, Shri Modi is all set to be 14th Prime Minister of India (after being 14th Chief Minister of Gujarat).
  • A very hard-working man, Shri Modi is amongst the best leaders to take care of his health. Despite sleeping late in nights, he always gets up well before 5 am in the morning and does one hour yoga. He is a vegetarian, and have very simple food habits (Gujarati Khichdi, Poha, Dosa, Idli. He does fast all nine days during Navratras eating only one fruit every day.
  • On a fantastic win in the LS Election, Shri Modi has got congratulations from all the big economies of the world. He has got invitation by US President Barrack Obama to visit White House. He got invitation by Pakistan PM.
  • Certain challenges for Shri Modi led Govt would be (a) To kick start growth rate cycle (presently crippling below 5%) (b) To push industrial growth rate (c) To control inflation (d) Poverty eradication, employment generation, social security (e) Tackling weak monsoon (f) Containing Current Account Deficit (CAD) and Fiscal Account Deficit (g) Approach towards subsidies – mainly fuel and food (h) Handling sick PSUs (i) Opening FDI Policy and attracting foreign investor (j) Tax Reforms e.g. GST.
  • NRI Tax Service hereby conveys its heartiest congratulations to Shri Modi and BJP Party for this marvelous win, and is quite confident that Shri Modi led Govt will take India to its ever best position and make every Indian happiest and proud of its country.