Why You Don’t Need to Rush for the Last Minute Tax Saving Investments


With end of the financial year just around the corner, some of us would be in a hurry to make last-minute tax-saving investments. However, choosing the right tax-saver with such little time left is not easy. This is because there are several investments with varying features and tenures. And in our rush to select a … Read more

What are the Tax Laws for NRIs in India


Taxability in India depends on the following: Residential status in India; source of income; and place of receipt of income. Residential status depends on your total physical presence in India in current financial year and previous 10 financial years. Residential status is dynamic and needs fresh determination for each financial year. There are three types … Read more

5 Essential Financial Steps for the NRI Tax Payers


Being well-versed with the law is necessary for the citizen so that, he may not get stuck into any problem or issues. For the non-resident Indians, there are many laws and orders that they always have to keep in consideration in order to precede happy life. In this article, we are going to highlight about … Read more