Safety Tips for the Debit Card Users

Most of us use debit cards and debit cards have made our life easier. From withdrawing money from the ATM machine, bill payment, to shopping and everything is possible in fraction of seconds. You can do a large amount of money transaction without carrying cash with you. In a nutshell a debit card is basically a card used for fund transactions.

Known as plastic cash, bank card, you can enjoy electronic access to your savings account in any bank via ATMs with the help of this card. You can deposit and withdraw as per your convenience this way without the hassle of standing in long queues. Same can be utilized for mobile banking and Internet banking.

As per the Reserve Bank of India guidelines, the banks which are issuing debit cards to their customers are responsible for keeping the details of their customers private and secured but multiple cases of data breaching have happened already. In some cases, the banks were responsible for it, in other cases the users were responsible. Here are few guide lines for the safety of the debit card users

Once you got the PIN number of your debit card, you should remember it. Do not share it with others and never ever write it down anywhere. Otherwise, your card will be misused if it ever gets in wrong hand.
Sometimes the fraudsters may jam the ‘enter’ and ‘cancel’ button in ATMs. So, the transaction gets hold. In such cases don’t leave the ATM, before cancelling your transaction.
While withdrawing cash in the ATM, check that no one is watching you. Otherwise, they can get your PIN number. Do not deposit the balance receipt in the ATM.
Track your transaction on a regular basis and in this way you will able to identify any unusual activity in your account.
Your bank will never ask for your debit card details. So, never share it with anyone over phone, calls, message or anything else. Even if he claims to be from the bank, don’t trust anyone that easily.
Never save the details of your debit card on any merchant site. In case that site get hacked, the hackers will get the details of your card and they can misuse it.#Label
While transacting at petrol bunks, restaurants, and similar places, ensure that your debit card is swiped in the POS machine only in your presence. Otherwise, there are chances of your information being skimmed. Skimming is the process of duplicating a debit card with the use of a skimming device.#Label
Try to keep changing your PIN number time to time. It is good for your safety. Make sure that your phone number is connected with your bank account. You will get notification message from the bank for every transaction. The message will arrive on your mobile.

Always handle your debit card with care. Follow the aforementioned tips. If your card ever gets lost, contact to the bank and block it immediately. You can get more details on the internet.

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